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New album "MIFALIA" will be released on July 31st. You can Pre-order it by clicking on the image above


To go to my Friends' websites, you can just click on their logos :)

A ministry that feeds 4000 children per day. To know more about ChildCry, you can visit



Fodera makes one of the finest basses ever. The first time I visited their shop, they asked me to play a bass just to get an idea of "my voice". Next they asked me what kind of "tone" I was looking for. Then they helped me to pick the exact wood and electronics for my bass. You can visit them at for more info.


La Bella has been making strings even before electric bass was invented .... The bass strings are amazing, good mix of fat, smooth, punchy, and last long. Check out


The best amp I've ever used: punchy and clean, it doesn't change the tone of my basses like other amps do. Tone Hammer 500 and 1 or 2 SL112s for local gigs, Tone Hammer DI Box at my church, DB751 and DB810 for bigger festivals in U.S and oversea. Check out


EBS makes awesome bass pedals. You can ask any bass player who uses pedals and they will tell you to check out EBS. You can visit their website


Xotic makes some of the hottest bass and guitar pedals out there. I have many friends who use their pedals playing many different style of music and they are all satisfied with the sound. You can check out their website


Source Audio makes COOL LOOKING and GREAT SOUNDING bass (and guitar) pedals. Will Cady demonstrates each bass pedals very well on their website. Make sure you try out these amazing pedals. My personal recommendation: get the HOT HAND 3 along with other pedals .... you're welcome :)


The UBass is AMAZING !!!! I use it for many genres of music, at small and large venues, and this ukelele bass always sounds huge. I even did an upright bass gig with it, and everyone, including the audience, loved it. But don't take my word for it, please go to any music store and try one :)


This magazine has helped me improve in so many ways. They have info on bassists from all over the world, reviews of different gears, and instructions. All you have to do is subscribe, and you'll get a monthly issue. You can visit

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