Patrick Andy
  Patrick Andy
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Fri April 27th at 9PM: ShapeShifter Lab.

Madagascar meets New York

Fri April 27th at  9PM at ShapeShifter Lab

Patrick Andy: Bass and Vocals,

Ben Nicolas: Drums,

Andrew Hoglund: Trumpet,

Rade Bema Bass: Acoustic Guitar and Percussion,

Collin Jackson: Vocals,

Nina Rivera: Vocals,

Antonina Chehovska: Vocals.

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You can check out "JOY" on iTunes  by clicking on the CD cover.



"The supporting musicians and vocalists are very tight and the end product is very solid": Bass Musician Magazine

Download the single "DERA, feat. Jamba on Vocal and Reggie Young on Bass" from the upcoming new album, by clicking on the image on the left.